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Welcome to Quality Charts download section.

You are able to download desktop or mobile platforms software here used for creating charts without uploading data to web. Quality charts you can create on web is also 'easy to create' using our platform independent software.

From now on, create your charts (Pareto, Scatter-plot, histogram etc) using our free software. No hidden charges, free as everything you got from your QT team till now!!

New - scatter plot windows application, download from here

Download ParetoChart windows application from here:
Video tutorial

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please be patient, we're still building this part of site. Get back soon to download QT-Desktop and QT-Mobile edition software.

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Online quality chart generators
Seven basic quality tools online for free. Create your diagrams quick and easy.
Easy to use web interface with powerful editing capabilitie.

Your wish was to remove our embedded watermark. So we did that. Our charts are totally free and without watermark.

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